Kavos is an original Greek fish tavern that remains faithful to its identity. Grilled fresh fish, seafood, fresh fried potatoes, local tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil: you can identify us with the plain, familiar, authentic Greek tastes that last throughout time.


Once you taste something at Kavos, you can be sure that you will have the chance to taste the very same thing next time you visit us. Our stable, long-lasting relations with local fishermen, who have known us for years, play a key role in taste consistency as we can be absolutely sure about the optimum quality of our raw materials. “Fishing and preservation methods are of utmost importance for fish – their outcome is reflected on our dishes”, explains Tasos Vlassis. “The same goes for all the produce that we are using in Kavos, provided by thoroughly tested, reliable suppliers.”


“Would you eat it yourself? Never serve a customer something that you wouldn’t feel like eating yourself.” That’s how Pagona trains the personnel of Kavos. Training, of course, is not something that applies today, as everyone working at Kavos has been with the tavern for over 12 years. They have all literally grown up with the Vlassis family, eating together at the same table for years, they are part of Kavos’ history.


In their majority, our customers are actually… our friends! How else would you describe a person visiting you every single week for over 35 years? In fact many of the tables at Kavos have taken the names of specific customers, who have selected their favourite corner without ever changing. And, no matter how busy we might be, we always find some time to sit and chat with our visitors, to exchange news and views, to even consult them about changes that we are considering to make (even though they are always reluctant about any change at Kavos: they want everything to remain as it has always been).


Regardless of the day or time you decide to come to Kavos, Tasos will always be there to welcome you, take you to your table, inform you about the catch of the day and personally “set” your table (to quote him). At the same time, Pagona orchestrates everything in the kitchen in order to guide, inspire and ensure that every meal, every single dish complies with the high quality standards of Kavos. Everyone working here is in readiness to fulfil any special requests that clients may have, serve them and assess their comments. Because here, at Kavos, all customers are equally important and we do our best to make them feel at home with us.