A Family Affair

The gastronomic history of Kavos dates back in the summer of 1964 when Takis Vlassis dreamt of transforming the family’s seaside summer “resort” into a place of taste hospitality. His wife, Mrs Pagona, and his father, Anastasios, strongly supported the idea and therefore, the single-room, stone-built edifice that had been used for over five generations as a grain barn was modified to become a humble, low-profile fish-house.

To start with, there was no electricity: oil lamps and coal fire were the only humble light sources for the first few years. Later on, technology came along in order to assist the Vlassis family in its all-year-round commitment to transform fresh produce into quality Greek food.

As time was passing by, news about this special fish-house started spreading around, leading to steadily growing numbers of Kavos aficionados. As generations were succeeding, Mr Takis passed on Kavos’ management to his son, Tasos. The purely fish menu was complemented (timidly, in the beginning) with the seafood spaghetti dish, now famous all over Greece and beyond.

Nowadays Tasos, along with his tireless mother Pagona, maintain the reputation of Kavos through commitment and respect both towards their work and all customers honouring them with their presence.